How to Measure the Community Impact of Churches

Tina Waldrom speaks with Nic Mackay about How to Measure the Community Impact of Churches. Why even bother? Nic, the National Director of NAYBA Australia, talks about the valuable work that churches do, but highlights the need to strategically verify those contributions. Support from local government is one potential outcome of a better reporting system.  Churches are often good at telling the stories, however further information is needed. Nic shares the stories of churches in regions, who have successfully audited their community work.  He talks about the doors of opportunity that this has created.

NAYBA provides churches with practical help and resources to equip them to better love their neighbours and transform their neighbourhoods. One of the resources that they provide is the Impact Audit. Through the NAYBA Impact Audit they help to measure the social impact value of the Church in community – putting numbers to the stories of how local churches are serving those in need, and opening doors to government and other sectors.

In this episode, Nic refers to audits in both Frankston, Victoria and Illawarra, NSW. These reports give a better understanding of what data can be discovered in an Impact Audit and how it can be used beneficially for the gospel. Gaining a community wide perspective on what churches are contributing to a community is a powerful tool in a number of ways.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How the collective contribution of churches can be quantified?
  • The doors that can be opened through rigorous reporting.
  • The role of NAYBA in helping churches understand their effectiveness in the community.
  • How to report so local government can assess and support the church.
  • What to ask when measuring community impact?
  • Why telling stories of church impact is only a starting point.
  • How to quantify the value that the faith community makes to a community.
  • Two church audits that have helped further the gospel in local communities.
  • How to better understand the collective contribution of churches in a given community.
  • Why reporting on the dollar value that churches contributed is so important.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Nic and Tina Waldrom





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