#1 Thoughts on The Church Post COVID with Gary Rucci

Tina Waldrom speaks with well-respected minister, Gary Rucci from Rivercity Family Church in Brisbane, Queensland. Gary has more than three decades of experience, working at senior levels with churches. He has worked with many influential churches both in Australia and in the United Kingdom.  COVID has been the catalyst for the implementation of outward focused ideas and thoughts that Gary was working through before the pandemic hit. Gary shares some thoughts on the church Post COVID.

Over the years, Gary has been involved with many expressions of the church worldwide. He is fortunate enough to be in conversation with and in relationship with many key pastors at this pivotal time for the church. Many consider Gary a prophetic voice to the church at large.  His insights into where the church has been and where the future lies are insightful and encouraging.

Gary is passionate about the church and the great commission. His desire is to see all churches encouraging and equipping everyday believers to make disciples in their context. His views and thoughts on how this may look post COVID are quite different to how things have been in the past. His fresh insights are both encouraging and challenging for believers and churches alike.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What God is saying to the church through the pandemic.
  • How to reach the 47% of Aussies who have no Christian connections.
  • How Gary Rucci is navigating church and the great commission through COVID.
  • Thoughts and ideas on how the church can be more effective at outreach in the future.
  • What will hinder churches and leaders from moving forward.
  • Fresh concepts to help implement new outreach ideas
  • The importance of perceiving and obeying the voice of God at this time.
  • A real-life outreach experiment that Gary’s church has undertaken and the results.
  • The connection between shopping centres and the great commission.
  • And so much more…
WATCH a short video with Gary below.

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