#1 How to be Successful at Conducting Interviews with guest Karl Faase

Tina Waldrom speaks with Karl Faase from Olive Tree Media on the art of interviewing.  Pastors and Christian leaders have pivoted to conducting more interviews in person and online. The challenge is to conduct an engaging and effective interview. Karl is an expert in this area and shares his wisdom.


*This is a special training edition of the podcast to release some valuable information from a webinar that Evangelism In Australia hosted recently. Tina Waldrom had the great pleasure of interviewing Karl Faase and the audience had the opportunity to ask questions.

The name of the Webinar was, “How to be Successful at Conducting Interviews”.

**That webinar has now been produced into two podcast episodes, this is episode 1.


Episode 1 is the questions that Tina asked Karl specifically regard the art of interviewing.

Episode Two is the extra questions that key pastors and leaders in Australia asked Karl.


In this podcast episode, you will discover…

  • The power of research and what you need to know before an interview.
  • Why giving too much information to those you interview is dangerous.
  • The need to ‘listen to the audience’ as you conduct an interview.
  • Practical steps to keep an interview flowing naturally.
  • How to get an interviewee back on track after they waffle on.
  • Brilliant insights from Karl Faase and his years of experience.

Listen to episode 2 here.

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