How I Reached My Neighbourhood with Bree Mills

How I Reached My Neighbourhood with Bree Mills, is an extraordinary listen. In this podcast episode, Tina Waldrom speaks with Bree about what she did to bring the good news to her local community. Bree shares the extraordinary dream she had, and how that was the catalyst for change in her outward focused life. Bree is passionate about Christ being seen in the community and although she has some invaluable methods of achieving that, the starting point is not a program. She shares her own personal journey of taking Jesus to the community. The lessons learnt and insights she gained are helpful for all Christian believers.

Not everyone is going to walk into a traditional form of church. Not everyone is going to fit into an existing model of church. Like trying to fit square pegs into round holes, not everyone is going to become a disciple of Christ in the ways often imagined. New ways, new forms of church are needed for many. Bree, who thoroughly understands the concept of micro church, unpacks her personal insights and pathway to revealing Christ in her own local area.

In this episode, Bree shares her background in church work and the journey she has been on to exploring different ways of making disciples. She talks about a tailored community approach and what’s important when bringing the gospel. Bree talks openly about the challenges she has faced and shares the insights, that are now helping others share Jesus locally. A genuine love for the local community is the starting point for Bree. She gives some wonderful examples of this and how love looks practically, in a community. Always conscious to not become programmatic in an approach, Bree reminds people to keep taking it back to the basics of loving God and loving people. This is a wonderful interview, with many fresh concepts and ideas to think through.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The dream from heaven that changed Bree’s outlook.
  • Why churches need to consider new ways of church.
  • How to disciple people if they never come to traditional church?
  • Examples of Bree hearing God and moving into the neighbourhood.
  • The challenges of taking church to a community.
  • What to do practically to love a community?
  • The place of prayer when it comes to neighbourhood engagement.
  • What taking Jesus to the local community can look like.
  • How to honour the existing church and embrace the new.
  • The ‘why’ behind many micro church expressions.
  • Resources to help in the micro church world.
  • And so much more…
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Watch a short video with Bree – The Dream to Get Into The Neighbourhood

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