My Journey to Christian Podcasting with Tina Waldrom

In this special edition episode, My Journey to Christian Podcasting, Tina Waldrom talks about her adventure into the podcasting world and what it takes to be a podcaster. Recently, The Win Win Evangelism Podcast was nominated and is now a finalist for Christian Podcast of the Year. Tina is often asked how she got into podcasting and what it takes to have a show. In this episode, Tina talks candidly as to why she got involved, the process to releasing an episode, and the practical skills required.

Tina started podcasting in March 2020. In Australia, this was around the time that COVID-19 was hitting.  Up until this time, Tina had been involved for decades in Christian ministry. Largely, her time was spent working for churches and Bible colleges. And specifically in equipping people to do the work of evangelism. In 1992, Tina met Christ in San Diego, California. Since the time she has always felt a calling to encourage believers to share their faith in easy and natural ways. The Win Win Evangelism Podcast is an expression of that calling.

In this episode, Tina talks about the journey that led her to become a podcaster. She talks about the many years of Christian ministry and what she was doing before heading her own organisation. Podcasting was not something that Tina knew about or was engaged with. The art of podcasting is something that she learnt. Her knowledge and skill to podcast has been finetuned over the now 139+ episodes that have been produced. Tina talks about the things she did to learn and what she uses to practically record and release episodes weekly. This is an insightful and helpful episode for anyone who is interested in the art of podcasting.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How Tina Waldrom got into Christian podcasting.
  • The practical skills needed to be a podcaster.
  • Tina’s purpose behind podcasting and why that’s important.
  • Where to even start if you want to be a podcaster.
  • Some of the processes behind producing episodes.
  • The technical considerations to podcasting.
  • Why ‘doing it all’ yourself can be helpful? Or not.
  • What show notes are and why they are important.
  • How to find people to interview on your show?
  • Why weekly podcasting is helpful.
  • What’s important when you produce an episode and what’s not?
  • And so much more…
Watch a short compilation video of some of Tina’s episodes.





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