Dying To Be Alive – Sharing Death Encounters

Tina Waldrom interviews Doctor C. Thomas Perry about his death experience and how he went to heaven. Colin had a dramatic encounter with Jesus after dying in an ambulance. Dying to Be Alive – Sharing Death Encounters is a fascinating listen. His story has touched the lives of many non-believers. The story he tells is extraordinary, thought provoking and inspiring. Many people have encounters with God. The challenge is to share these encounters in ways that connect.

Doctor C. Thomas Perry took years before he published his book on this encounter, Dying To be Alive. In this interview, he is very candid about the reasons behind the delay. It’s refreshing to hear a Christian be honest and open about the very real struggles of going through such an encounter with God. And the struggle of letting others know in a way that is helpful. Dying To Be Alive – Sharing Death Encounters is a must listen.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The whole story of Doctor C. Thomas Perry and his death experience.
  • An understanding of the spiritual dimension from one man’s major encounter.
  • Thoughts on angels and the role of them in death.
  • What the voice of God sounded like to Colin and how he responded.
  • Proven ways to share your own encounters so others understand.
  • Ideas on how to share encounters so people listen.
  • Why over zealousness is both good and bad.
  • Real life stories of Colin sharing his story and the affect.
  • And so much more…
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Watch the short interview that Tina Waldrom conducted with Doctor C. Thomas Perry.


Here are the book links to Doctor C. Thomas Perry’s publication:


You can also stay connected to Colin via Facebook

Colin is also a musician, here are some links to his work.

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