How to Hear The Voice of God on Mission with Tania Harris

Tania Harris is a pastor, speaker and founder of God Conversations, a global teaching ministry based in Sydney, Australia.

Tania travels the world teaching people how to hear the voice of God. The ministry of God Conversations was birthed from Tania’s own experience and revelation of hearing God’s voice.

Tania was surprised by the fact that God could actually speak. In her twenties she discovered the truth that God speaks today. Since that time, Tania has pursued the voice of God for her own life and is now a recognised teacher in this area.

The outward focus of the Spirit of God is evident through the stories and encounters that Tania shares in this episode. Her academic background and qualifications in this specialised field make her a trustworthy and reliable voice in this space.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…

  • How to hear the voice of God for yourself.
  • The checks and balances to hear God’s voice.
  • How the Spirit of God is involved in outreach.
  • Ideas for recognising the voice of God as you go about mission.
  • Practical ways to embrace what God says and to do it.
  • A variety of ideas on what God might say to you.
Tania has written a blog post on hearing the voice of God that will appear on the Evangelism In Australia website a few days after this podcast is released.
You can also take Tania’s e-course on hearing the voice of God at a discounted price. The coupon code will be at the end of Tania’s blog post a few days after this podcast is released. This will only be available for a limited time so please make the most of this.

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