Relevant and Intercultural Mission

Tina Waldrom talks with Adam Low about Relevant and Intercultural Mission. How do you reach secular society in relevant ways, with an intercultural approach?  How do you see genuine conversions to Christ through the power of His gospel? Adam is the Chairperson of Propel Network and the Lead Pastor from Real Life Christian Church in South of Brisbane.

Propel Network is the formalization of what was a fairly informal gathering of leaders from across the more evangelical parts of the Uniting Church who would gather annually, but also just to encourage one another around common ground. The network is about conversion growth and church planting, with a focus on young leaders and confidence in the gospel of Jesus Christ, to transform lives and communities.

In this episode, Adam talks specifically about being relevant to the culture today. He goes on to discuss the importance of an intercultural, not multicultural viewpoint. Australia has moved on; we live in a post Christian age. When we leave our homes, go to work, go to the shops, or out to play sport, we have to acknowledge that we are missionaries, in a foreign land. When we consider the many cultures, the approach needs to be one of engagement, learning from each other. Not merely, many cultures, living and learning independently. Adam’s insights for effective outreach and evangelism are valuable for all believers.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Why churches need to take a different approach to reaching communities.
  • How to be relevant in sharing your faith today. Watch Video.
  • Stories of faith being communicated in uncompromising ways.
  • The need to rely on the gospel to bring transformation to others.
  • How intercultural is different to multicultural in evangelism?
  • Why one cultural cannot dominate a way forward in outreach.
  • What it takes to reach secular culture and what needs to change.
  • The place of traditional forms of worship in a changing world.
  • Why you can’t throw everything out to embrace new ideas.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Adam Low – How To be Relevant with Your Neighbour





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