The Gospel and Disability

Tina Waldrom talks with Chris Friend about The Gospel and Disability. Chris is the CEO of Collective Hope Community Services in Perth, Western Australia. Chris never imagined that his life, and the life of the churches he leads, would minister in this direction. Seeking to meet the needs of the local community, the heart of Jesus led him, and his team to spaces of disability. He talks openly about the cost of following Christ into this area and the great joy of seeing restoration in Jesus’ name.

Chris Friend is local pastor who has planted a number of churches. He is also the national leader for IPHC Ministries. In 2014, a group of people from his church, Collective Hope, recognised the issue of homelessness in their area. An initial home was set up to minister to the need, and further homes developed from there.  Mental health disabilities became apparent among those they were ministering to and as a response, Collective Hope Disability Services was set up. Today, there is a host of services that are offered, meeting the community needs. CHDS is now an accredited NDIS provider in Perth, bringing hope and life to many.

In this episode, Chris talks about the way Christians should view disability and the role the church can play. He talks passionately about the ‘proclamation’ of the gospel and the ‘doing’ of the gospel. He sees them both as different sides of the one coin. One cannot exist without the other. Chris discusses the need for people to see and experience Christ, not just hear about Him. His contention is that Aussies need to see how Jesus can be the answer to their problem. People need to see how the good news can help them not merely hear about it.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How Christians can minister to those with disability.
  • What the Bible says about the gospel and disability.
  • How the Collective Hope Disability Services came about.
  • The story of a local pastor developing an effective community service.
  • The starting point for churches to develop a community service.
  • Stories of people finding Christ as they see Him in the lives of believers.
  • How Isaiah 58 informs discussion on, The Gospel and Disability.
  • Principles for Kingdom transformation in communities.
  • Why a long-term approach to discipleship is necessary with community outreach.
  • What Amos Yong, Henry Nouwen and Tim Keller have to say about the gospel, disability and reaching cities for Christ.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Chris Friend and Tina Waldrom



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