Sharing Jesus When Your Health Is Failing

Tina Waldrom speaks with Tracy Lauersen about Sharing Jesus When Your Health is Failing. Tracy is an Anglican minister in Victoria. She had her own brush with cancer just over ten years ago. “Don’t waste your cancer”, was the approach that Tracy took after reading some literature by John Piper. Tracy talks about the change of mindset she embraced and how this helped her reach people for Christ. Today she is well and cancer free and grateful that the illness was diagnosed at an early-stage and was treatablee . Christian believers are called to share their faith in all situations but that can be difficult. Tracy shares the challenges she was going through at the time and how she approached this as a believer. Sharing Jesus When Your Health is Failing is something she unexpectantly mastered.

Like most people, Tracy did not expect to receive the news that she had breast cancer. She had to work out how her treatment journey was part of her Christian journey too.  By nature, Tracy is a private person. Being open about her diagnosis cancer did not come easy but she received great encouragement when she realised that God was not surprised by her predicament and that He could use it for the good – both for her and others.

In this episode, Tracy talks honestly about her journey. She shares the wonderful stories of other people’s lives being changed through her circumstance. Embracing the mindset, that God had for her at the time was the key. It was the key for her to move through her situation and the key for others to hear about Christ. The stories are inspirational. The stpries show a God who is at work through all parts of the Christian life. They show a God who is on mission even through tough circumstances. And they reveal the power of the Holy Spirit to bring healing to others even when our own healing is needed.  For anyone whose health is failing, this is an episode that can help and inspire you forward.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to share Jesus even when your health is failing.
  • An evangelistic mindset to embrace during ill health.
  • How compartmentalising your faith can trip you up.
  • How Tracy Lauersen was able to share Jesus through her cancer.
  • Examples of God at work through chemotherapy.
  • What to do to receive opportunities to share your faith?
  • The place of prayer when sharing Jesus during hard times.
  • What opportunities to share Jesus look like.
  • How to embrace the moments that God gives you to share.
  • The missional benefits of being open about health challenges.
  • How to reconcile your faith with your ill health.
  • And so much more…
Watch a short video – Don’t Waste Your Cancer with Tracy Lauresen

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