Streets Ahead in Launceston, Tasmania

Dave Klauber is having many gospel conversations on the streets of Launceston, Tasmania. Dave advocates for conversations that flow easily. His ‘non-pushy’ approach is drawing people closer to Christ. He is training many others to do the same through the evangelism teams initiative. He is streets ahead, in Launceston, Tasmania.

Street evangelism is often viewed negatively and something that only a few can do. Dave demonstrates a new kind of street work that every believer can be involved in. His style of ministry is led by everyday conversations with a recognition that not every person is ready to hear the gospel. His approach is refreshing and encouraging for the church.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to test for ‘receptivity’ in people before you share.
  • An easy and doable way to reach people on the streets with the gospel.
  • Practical ideas to start conversations with those you have never met.
  • The power of segway questions when sharing the gospel.
  • How to share God’s story according to the book of Acts.
  • Ideas to share your own story in 30 seconds.
  • How to easily share your faith without it being pushy.
You can listen to more tips and ideas from a previous episode on the streets of Hobart, Tasmania. Listen here.

If you like this podcast and find it helpful, please share this link with someone today so they can discover The Win Win Evangelism Podcast:


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