Street Ministry in Hobart with Helen Devenish

Tina Waldrom speaks all things street ministry in Hobart with mother of nine, Helen Devenish. Helen is a street evangelist from Hobart, Tasmania. After praying a prayer, “Lord, I’m here, I’ll doing anything for you”, Helen was more than surprised to find herself working with young people in Hobart.
Love Hobart is the name of the outreach ministry that Helen heads.

This lady is no ordinary lady. With a deep love for Jesus, her and her husband have raised nine wonderful kids and are raising many more on the streets of Hobart. Helen is highly respected by the local police; her work is an invaluable contribution to the Hobart community.

Street evangelism is not for the faint hearted yet Helen makes it look effortless. This super mum and minister has a heart of gold for the youth of Hobart. Listening to Helen reminds us again that everyone is called to reach out with the gospel, there are no exceptions.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What street evangelism looks like in Hobart, Tasmania.
  • How a married busy woman makes room for evangelism in extraordinary ways.
  • The power of being available to God for outreach.
  • Real life stories and ideas to reach out on the streets.
  • The power of journey and playing the long game in evangelism.
  • How a lady raised in church can reach a culture she never knew.
  • Practical ideas to start an outreach on the streets.
  • The concept of being faithful not fruitful.

Helen shared a few thoughts via video before her full interview with EIA.


You can connect further with Helen on her website where she has some wonderful resources available to further the cause of outreach.

Check out some more words of wisdom regard evangelism from one of Australia’s great evangelists, Rob Coyle.


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  • Faafetai (Tai)
    2 September 2022 10:31 PM

    Thank you. Blessings

  • Faafetai (Tai)
    2 September 2022 10:28 PM

    I am so inspired with the interviews that I listened to. The servants of God shared their knowledge and tools to help with reaching out to the lost. Conversation, knowing who God wants us to help to, non-pushy approach, etc I have learned tonight.


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