Healing and Evangelism

Tina Waldrom talks with Sharee Rice about Healing and Evangelism. Sharee is the executive pastor at Neuma Church in Melbourne, overseeing the area of evangelism. Sharee is seeing many people healed and discovering Jesus through everyday encounters. She is a great example of stepping into the everyday opportunities that God opens up. Stepping into and praying for people to be healed, in everyday spaces. She shares her story of losing faith in this area, but then becoming confident again, in Healing and Evangelism.

As a young person, Sharee suffered from asthma. Due to her own illness, she was keen to see God’s healing touch in her life. She developed a hunger to know about healing and what the Christian faith said. Sharee became a student of the great healing evangelists and revivalists. All was going well until God disappointed her.

Sharee had been praying for a sick relative, who was not healed and passed away. That experienced pushed her away from the confidence that she had, to see sick people healed. Many years later, through an unexpected circumstance, the Lord spoke to Sharee and restored her faith and assurance to pray for healing. Today, she is confidently intersecting the lives of many non-believers, seeing God bring His healing and love to their worlds.

In this episode, Sharee speaks openly and honestly, about the struggles and joys of praying for healing with non-believers. She shares her own stories and unique ways to pray for people in the community without being ‘weird’. Sharee models how to pray for others, ‘as you go’ about everyday life. She makes praying for the sick, for those who don’t know Christ, simple, easy and doable in today’s world. With warmth and genuine love for people, Sharee’s story will help many grow in the area of Healing and Evangelism.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How praying for the sick can help people see Jesus.
  • Sharee’s story from doubt to faith, in healing and evangelism.
  • What to say when approaching non-believers to pray for them.
  • The right expectations to adopt in healing evangelism.
  • Practical ways to pray for sick people who don’t know Christ yet.
  • Information about Sharee’s course, Sharing Jesus Confidently
  • How to explain healing to people so they attribute it to Jesus.
  • Stories of non-believers being healed and discovering Christ.
  • How to overcome disappointments when God does not heal.
  • The place of empathy and compassion when praying for healing with non-believers.
  • What the Bible says about healing and how to embrace it.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Tina Waldrom & Sharee Rice 

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