Go Plant a Church with City to City Australia

Wining cities and neighbourhoods to Christ often begins with a church plant or the revitalisation of an existing church. Tina Waldrom speaks with Andrew Katay and Julie-anne Laird from City to City Australia.  City to City, originating with Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, prayerfully recruit, train, coach and resource leaders to start and strengthen churches and networks in cities. 

Andrew is the CEO and Julie-anne is Director of Missional Engagement. Together, with a wonderful team of people, City to City is helping Australian leaders reach out to their cities and neighbourhoods with the gospel.

 In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The keys that Timothy Keller discovered to grow churches and how they relate in Australia.
  • The key questions to ask to reach cities and neighbourhoods with the gospel.
  • The role of contextualisation in mission.
  • Practical ideas to connect the gospel in a community.
  • The mission of City to City and how they could help you.
  • Steps to take to become a church planter in Australia.

Online Evangelism Course for Church Groups and Individuals
To upskill in the area of having faith conversations with people in everyday spaces, check out the online course, On Mission with God @Home – How to Share your Faith Naturally in Conversations.


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