#2 Meta Church NOT Mega Church with Gary Rucci

Tina Waldrom speaks with well-respected minister Gary Rucci, about the need to embrace Meta Church not Mega Church, post COVID. Gary’s conviction is that Mega Church is not enough. Micro church models need to be embraced and affirmed among the Mega Church landscape. Gary, from Rivercity Family Church in Queensland, shares his thoughts on Mega church philosophy and the need for a multi-faceted understanding moving forward.

In this second interview with Gary about the church post COVID, Gary talks about the specific changes that COVID has expediated when it comes to church growth and outreach in his local context. He shares some specific thoughts on how he is adapting his current services and approaching new expressions of church.

Gary has more than three decades of experience, working at senior levels with churches. He has worked with many influential churches both in Australia and in the United Kingdom.  COVID has been the catalyst for the implementation of outward focused ideas and thoughts that Gary was working through before the pandemic hit. His views and thoughts on how this may look post COVID are quite different to how things have been in the past. His fresh insights are both encouraging and challenging for believers and churches alike.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • A working definition of Meta Church and its implications.
  • Why Mega Church philosophy is not enough moving forward.
  • How Gary and his team are moving away from consumer driven Christianity.
  • The power of liminal spaces and how God uses them.
  • How to restructure existing church models and pivot for growth.
  • The place of micro church in the Australian landscape.
  • The importance to hear God and to obey in this current COVID season.
  • Practical shifts to move people toward discipleship, away from consumerism.
  • What the Bible says about micro church and the importance of its validation.
  • And so much more…
    *Watch a short video with Gary regarding his episode.


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