Doing Church Differently Post-COVID

Tina Waldrom speaks with Paul Jackson who is doing church differently post-COVID. Paul is the senior leader at Kingdom Life Centre, Brisbane, Queensland. COVID was a gift to Paul as he had wanted to experiment with the traditional church service for some time. In fact, Paul had asked the Lord to shut down services so he could focus the church further outward. It’s a fascinating story.

Paul has led the church for a few decades and is no ordinary pastor. Paul’s heart is for the community and for people to come to know Christ. A few years ago, he started what is known as Park Ridge Connect. It is an extraordinary ministry that interfaces the community. COVID, however, gave further opportunities for Paul to encourage the church outward. He has now re-shaped what Sunday church looks like and is leading a new expression of church in Australia.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How an existing church can transform church services to reach the community.
  • The ingredients to truly reaching your local community.
  • How a focus on disciple making and not discipleship can grow the Kingdom.
  • The power of embracing new opportunities to spread the gospel.
  • Ideas to reach your neighbourhood for Christ.
  • A strategy for church services that focus on disciple making.
  • What it takes to be the church and not just play church.
  • Keys and tools to consider when moving a church outward.
  • And so much more…

You can stay connected to Paul Jackson HERE.

Read all about Urban Revs that Paul refers to HERE.

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