The Simple Tools of Prayer in Sharing the Gospel

Scott Morrison was on our weekly podcast. He talks about the simple tools of Prayer in sharing the gospel. He shared powerfully about reaching people who don’t want to hear and the importance of prayer in the overall equation. Prayer is a profound and simple tool that cannot be overlooked or understated. It is the key to successful evangelism. Here are 3 simple thoughts.


1. Begin with Yourself

Prayer should begin with the believer. A Christ follower, praying for those in their world who do not know Christ. Who is that for you? Could you name 2-5 people that you could be praying for in the next month? Prayer is a position, a declaration that we need God. An acknowledgement that we need His power to intervene, to reveal Christ to others. It’s an acknowledgement that we do not do the changing, that in fact it’s the Holy Spirit who changes the hearts of people. Prayer is the spiritual work that leads to spiritual transformation in people’s lives.

2. Move Out and Pray for People in Person

Praying physically, in person for people who do not know Christ is very powerful. Scott, in fact shares that his entire approach to mission and evangelism is based on this. As he prays for people, he uses the BLESS acronym to remember how he will pray for someone when they are receptive.

B – Body – pray for the persons health, their physical needs. This may be obvious, or simply ask the person how you could pray in this area.

L – Livelihood – pray for the persons financial needs. Pray for their job, maybe they need a new job or pray for the one they have. Pray for finances for them. That God would provide, that He would guide them in their financial decisions.

E – Emotional – pray for emotional wellbeing for the person. Pray for peace and quality of life for them. Pray for rest and clarity of mind for them. Pray they are able to cope with all that is going on with their family. Pray that their emotions will be recharged.

S – Social – pray for good relationships. Good relationships with family, in work and in school situations. Pray for good social connections for them. S –

S– Spiritual: Pray for their spiritual needs. Pray for them to know how much God loves them. Pray a prayer of blessing over them, declare His plans and purposes over them. Pray for God to reveal Himself to them. Pray for their salvation (if appropriate in the conversation).


3. Pray for an Opportunity to Explain the Gospel.

One way to do this is using the 3 circles method. Scott mentions this in the podcast episode. Here is the LINK to a video explanation of this.
There are many ways to share the gospel, for this article, we wanted to highlight the 3 circles for you to consider.


You can watch the quick 2 min video with Scott here or
Listen to the Full Podcast Episode by Clicking HERE.



Here is a past blog on praying for non-Christians you may enjoy also.

Praying for a great harvest through your life and in the nation of Australia and beyond,


The EIA Team


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