Reaching People Who Don’t Want to Hear – Scott Morrison

Tina Waldrom speaks with Scott Morrison who is reaching people who don’t want to hear. Scott found himself among a people group of 100,000, with only 20 identified as Christian. Before arriving in Thailand, Scott ‘trialled’ an Aussie version of mission and evangelism to reach secular people. He has taken many of those lessons overseas as he reaches out to those who need Christ.

This interview took place in Australia, where Scott and his family are presently. They have already spent four years in Thailand and are soon to return. Scott shares his experience of discovering and ministering to, a specific unreached people group. The wisdom and insights he shares are applicable for everyday mission and evangelism in Australia.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How an everyday Aussie is sharing the gospel with an unreached people group.
  • Lessons to reach those who are not so keen to hear the gospel.
  • Where to begin when people do not want to hear the gospel.
  • What to focus on when making disciples of the ‘hard’ cases.
  • Stories of people discovering Christ through prayer evangelism.
  • How to find people who are ‘receptive’.
  • Specific ideas on how to pray for people in person.
  • Practical tools to share your faith naturally with people.
  • And so much more…

In this interview, Scott referred to a number of tools.

*Here is a quick read where you can discover the tools he mention.

He mentioned the BLESS prayer and the 3 Circles. We pray these are a source of encouragement to you.

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