What’s Hot in Evangelism?

What’s hot in evangelism? It’s no surprise that COVID has inspired people to share their faith. Believers everywhere have reported new opportunities to share with others. What’s Hot is that people want to know HOW to share their faith. There is no lack of inspiration or desire.
So, here’s a couple of things that may help.
1. How To Share Your Faith at Work (practical keys) – listen now
2. How to Reach The Women in Your World – listen now
3. Church Planting – How to Share your Faith with a Community – quick read
4. Sharing Your Faith Through the Hard Times (practical how to’s) – listen now
5. Online Course 2021 – For Individuals and also Church Group Options
Our online course, ‘On Mission with God @Home’ is currently running and people continually tells us how effective it is in helping them share their faith naturally. The course is made up of 4 modules. In 2021, there will be options to enroll in one module at a time. There will also be options for churches to offer the modules with discounted group prices.
If you are a church leader and you would like more information on our group options for 2021, please email team@evangelisminaustralia.com
Every Blessing,
The Team @EIA


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