Help Others Find Meaning Pre & Post Coronavirus with Richard Kobakian

Pastor Richard Kobakian had a striking encounter with God aged 16.

His experience of coming to faith in Christ has dramatically shaped the way he leads LifeHouse Church in Victoria. Helping others find meaning pre & post coronavirus is the passionate pursuit of this fruitful church. 

Richard is your everyday Aussie pastor with a great love for people and a down to earth personality. His humour and unmistakable Italian background make for easy listening. He was invited to a meeting ‘about God’ rather than being invited ‘to church’. This shift of emphasis made all the difference for him.

Since that time, Richard has discovered many successful ways to help others find meaning. He shares openly the lessons learnt during coronavirus and talks about the new initiatives that will help the church continue to grow post coronavirus.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to invite people to discover faith
  • The way to go about conversations with non-Christians
  • Ideas for effective online Church services
  • Practical ways to provoke others to think about faith
  • The ‘missing piece’ approach to conversations
  • Ideas for online church post coronavirus

Evangelism In Australia runs 1 ½ hour online training events that equip people to share their faith during Covid-19. Sign up for an upcoming event.

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