Reaching Out at Christmas Time with Nartarsha Wisewould

Interview, podcast

Tina Waldrom speaks with Nartarsha Wisewould about reaching out at Christmas time. Building on the relational equity that believers have with family and friends at this time is a key thought from Tarsh. Nartarsha is a training and equipping evangelist at Stairway Church in Melbourne and shares some wonderful insights and practical tools to reach out this Christmas time.

Tarsh has designed some very practical and helpful tools to share Christ at Christmas time. The underlying thought is knowing where people are at and then engaging with people on the particular part of the journey they are on. The engle scale has been utilised in this approach.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How the relational equity you have with pre-believers can help you.
  • Why Christmas time is so effective to reach out.
  • A set of tools that can help you ask the right questions.
  • Ideas on how to share your personal story at Christmas time.
  • New ideas on how to share God’s story during the festive season.
  • The power of the right questions at the right time.
  • Inspirational stories of people coming to faith.
  • How to take the conversation ‘somewhere’.
Resources and tools that Nartarsha mention in this episode:

Stairway Christmas content, including help sheet and spotify playlist

Stairway Evangelism resources

Gospel Outlines from Stairway

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