Sharing Faith in the Footy World with Kade Klemke

In this episode, Tina Waldrom speaks with footy coach Kade Klemke. Apart from being involved as a key pastor at Divergent Church in Canberra, Kade is a well-known name in the world of Australian rules football. He shares his journey of sharing faith in the footy world.

As a young Aussie kid growing up in the country, Kade always aspired to being a football player. His dream came true when he was drafted to Essendon Football Club as a rookie. Being a Christian in the world of AFL had its challenges. Kade shares how he navigated this space and what was most important in sharing his faith.

Unforeseen circumstances as a player, led Kade down the path of football coaching. He has coached at local level, and also with the Queanbeyan Tigers and the Canberra Demons. From a young age, he has achieved great success as a coach. He shares openly about the struggles and the triumphs. His many years of experience have given him wonderful insights into sharing faith in the footy world.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The journey that Kade Klemke has taken as a Christian in the footy world.
  • Stories of people coming to faith in the world of Australian rules football.
  • The key ingredients to reaching footy players with the gospel.
  • How to be salt and light in the world of sports.
  • Ideas to influence sporting communities.
  • Clear ways to be salt and light amongst sporting clubs.
  • Ideas for sporting coaches and how to be a Christian influence.
  • And more…

In this episode, Kade also mentioned his work with ID Sports. Please check this out.

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Here is a short video interview with Kade Klemke that we did before a full interview with him.


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