The Arts & Outreach with Marcy Paynter

Marcy Paynter knows how the arts & outreach work hand in hand.
She is the Creative Arts Director at Gateway Church Australia. Her husband Rick is the senior minister.  The church which has always been passionate about outreach began in 1986. Today the church continues to thrive with wonderful community initiatives including Gateways own theatre company.

Marcy who has a background in the arts was quite surprised when the Lord showed her that her unique talents and abilities could be used to reach many with the gospel. In many ways, Marcy undervalued her artistic contribution when it came to ministry and church life.

Today, many decades on, Marcy is a powerful voice to churches in Australia. She has the runs on the board, the battle scars and the victory stories to share with others. Her experience and expertise in regards to the arts and outreach are invaluable.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to use the performing arts to share the gospel.
  • The power of theatre with children.
  • Wisdom from someone who has walked the journey of arts and evangelism.
  • Ideas to get the community involved with arts initiatives.
  • Practical ways to implement the arts at local church level.
  • The biblical lens to view the arts.

The Songs of Jesse Adams performed by the senior theatre at Gateway was outstanding. Here is the highlights package.

For more information about Broadway in a Week, click here or contact Marcy Paynter via email:

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