Best Tips for Easter 2024: Sharing the Message of Jesus

As Easter approaches, Christians around the world gear up to celebrate the central event of their faith—the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a time of reflection, remembrance, and for many, an opportunity to share the message of Jesus with others. In this blog article, we’ll delve into insights gleaned from two special podcast episodes featuring Tina Waldrom, Director of Evangelism in Australia, as she engages with guests to explore effective ways to talk about Jesus during the Easter season.
1. Understanding the Essence of Easter:

Easter isn’t just about chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs; it’s a deeply significant time for Christians. Bill Hodgson, one of the guests in Tina’s podcast, stresses the importance of seizing Easter as an opportunity to explain its origins. Encourage conversations about the Christian celebration’s roots, emphasising God’s desire for peace (Shalom) amidst a world filled with unrest.

2. The Crux of the Christian Story:

Dan Paterson, another guest, highlights the essence of Easter as the cornerstone of the Christian narrative—the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Use this pivotal event to discuss themes like God’s love, confronting evil, seeking justice, and the promise of eternal life. Engage others in conversations about life after death, sparked by Jesus’ resurrection.

3. Starting with Happiness:

Nathan Jones, an expert on initiating faith-based conversations, suggests happiness as a universal starting point. Initiate discussions around Easter that touch upon happiness and its meaning to individuals, gradually leading to conversations about purpose and meaning in life.

4. Christianity: More Than an Institution:

Tina Waldrom’s podcast episode challenges misconceptions about Christianity. It’s not merely a structured institution but a personal relationship with the divine. Highlight Christianity’s experiential dimension, focusing on internal transformation and the profound spiritual journey it offers.

5. Tools for Effective Communication:

Utilise tools and strategies to effectively communicate the essence of Christianity. Show that it’s not just about structures but a personal connection with God. Emphasize Christianity’s experiential nature and its transformative effects on individuals.

6. Engaging in Meaningful Dialogue:

Foster meaningful dialogues with others, inviting them to encounter the transformative power of Jesus firsthand. Engage in open conversations, extending invitations to experience Christianity’s profound spiritual journey.

Easter is a time of opportunity for Christians to engage in meaningful conversations about their faith. By understanding the essence of Easter, debunking misconceptions about Christianity, and utilising effective communication tools, individuals can effectively share the message of Jesus during this significant season.

Let’s embrace the spirit of Easter by engaging others in thoughtful dialogue and inviting them to experience the profound beauty of Christianity.

Happy Easter

The Team at EIA



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