Prophetic Evangelism with Roma Waterman

Tina Waldrom chats with Roma Waterman about Prophetic Evangelism. Roma is the Founder of HeartSong Creative Academy and HeartSong Prophetic Alliance. Reaching out to people, with a sense of God’s heart and mind, is something Roma lives daily. Being able to hear God’s voice as a tool for outreach, is key to prophetic evangelism. Roma’s ability to hear God, and to teach others to do the same, is extraordinary. Prophetic Evangelism can be a way of life for every believer, Roma talks passionately about this.

HeartSong Creative Academy is an online training school, teaching 1000’s of students globally each year. Roma is a well-respected, Australian minister, specialising in the fields of worship and the prophetic. Grounding her teachings to the field of personal evangelism are a natural connection for her. Hearing the voice of God for those who don’t know Christ yet, is an exciting journey to embark on.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to hear the voice of God for the world around you.
  • Roma’s story and journey to developing a prophetic lifestyle.
  • Why Christians should explore prophetic evangelism at this time.
  • How the Holy Spirit leads in evangelism and how to respond.
  • What to focus on when giving a prophetic word to a friend who does not know Christ.
  • The one BIG, overarching principle of prophetic evangelism.
  • Ways to grow personally in the prophetic, and to apply this to evangelism.
  • How prophetic evangelism is relevant to all Christian faith traditions.
  • And so much more…*Watch a quick interview with Roma as part of this episode.

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Further Resources:

*Online Evangelism Course
To upskill in the area of having faith conversations with people in everyday spaces, check out the online course, On Mission with God @Home – How to Share your Faith Naturally in Conversations.

*Online Training with Roma Waterman

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