Being Gospel Centred in our Mission

Tina Waldrom talks with David Miles about Being Gospel Centred in our Mission. David is a church planter in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. He is on the leadership team of Soma Australia and is encouraging the formation of Gospel Communities to reach people for Christ. Gospel Communities focus on the centrality of the gospel, and its implications for life and mission. The use of the term gospel, rather than missional, provides some unique perspectives.

Serving others, loving others and having a specific mission are at the heart of what David talks about. Knowing Christ, living in community and living for others, are the heart of his message. David has planted a number of churches, his current plant being the most effective. Experience, wisdom and a partnership with Soma Australia, has given him new understandings to be more effective. David’s insights into the Australian community, how Jesus is best revealed and declared are very insightful.

In this episode, David gives the practical application to the underpinning theology and philosophy of Gospel Communities. He talks about the practical elements of his own Gospel Community, and what the church gathering looks like. He goes on, to give some ideas on how an existing church, may head in the direction of Gospel Communities. David’s insights to effectively move a group of people, into Christ and out to the community, are valuable for all believers.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What Soma Australia do differently to other outward focused organisations.
  • How David is reaching the communities of the Blue Mountains.
  • What a Gospel Community is and how it works.
  • The difference between Missional Communities & Gospel Communities.
  • What Saturate the World Resources are?
  • The place of deeper Christian community in outreach.
  • How a person’s identity in Christ effects the outworking of mission.
  • What gospel fluency is and why it is needed.
  • Resources to form a Gospel Community.
  • The place of a church service among Gospel Communities.
  • Why spiritual gifts need to be considered in Gospel Communities.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with David Miles – Missional Versus Gospel Communities.
Watch what David has to say about being gospel centred.



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