How to Share My Faith Through Sports

Peter Jung from Christmanship is a Christian who loves his sport. He had always wondered how to connect his love for sport with his Christian faith. Tina Waldrom speaks with Cypress based Jung about how to share your faith through sports. Jung’s successful approach to faith and sports is highly influenced by Australian Cam Butler from Urban Rev’s.

The process of meeting people through sports to seeing them become disciples of Christ is a worthy discussion. Jung realised the enormous gap that lies between the sporting field and a church service. Trying to move people from a sporting scenario to the church building bothered Jung. He wondered what the answer was to this. He describes how God bought the right people into his life to give him the answers to this equation. His story is remarkable.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to be a Christian witness through sports.
  • An incarnational way to bring Jesus into sports.
  • Everyday tips to share your faith naturally with your sports team.
  • New mindsets that help believers connect sport and faith.
  • The lack of certainty that people are experiencing and what to do.
  • Ideas to bring the Kingdom of God to the playing field.
  • Why trying to get people to church is the wrong approach.
  • Real life stories of sports people coming to faith and how it happened.
  • And so much more…
Stay connected to Peter Jung through his ministry website at Christmanship.

OR Via Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

You can also watch 2 short interviews with Tina Waldrom from Evangelism In Australia and Peter Jung below.


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