How to Share Jesus at Christmas Time ~ One Idea

CHRISTmas is almost here. What an opportune time to share your faith somehow with someone. How to share Jesus at Christmas time is worth thinking through. Who to share with is an excellent place to start. Who, who, who are the most likely ones in your world that you can take the next step with?

You see over time, God has been at work in the lives of your friends, family and work mates. Over the years, He has been softening hearts and tearing down walls of resistance. Who is that person or persons for you? Who is more open today than they were 5 years ago? Pray and reach out to that person first. How?

Now, that is a great question. One key is to build on what God has started to do in their life. For example, you may have a friend who has visited your church carols service for the past few years or has visited once in the past few years. Start there, but in a new way. Yes, a new way. COVID has positioned you with some wonderful new ways, the biggest being the confidence that people have grown in the online space, they are familiar with it.

I invited a friend to sit and watch an online carols service with our family, it was brilliant.

In fact, I would have to say that my friend enjoyed this even more than the incredible services attended at a physical church building. Why? Online is very acceptable and comfortable. Comfortable in that people are very used to watching things and engaging online. We were also able to sit and chat whilst the carols were being sung and I could create a beautiful space in the lounge with candles and food that I knew my friend would enjoy. Hearing the gospel message also seemed less threatening to my friend.

There is still time for you to do this – find a carols service on demand that your friends would like.

Let me tell you something amazing – we watched the carols service twice! Yep, my friend loved it so much, we did it all again. I rustled up some pizzas for the second watching and it was amazing. Second time through we discussed the gospel message that was presented. It was very non-threatening as we were on the couch, lights dimmed and very conversational. God was at work.

I had an opportunity to share my own testimony again with this friend and explained how I prayed myself when I first reached out to know God.


Build on what God has already done. This is just one simple thought but one worth thinking through.

Here are 2 on demand services that I have found easy to connect people to.

1. The Hillsong Christmas Spectacular Online – an outstanding online experience that connects well with those who would not usually go to church or call themselves Christian. Share the link or ask someone over to watch it with you.

2.  Gateway Children’s Fund Christmas Spectacular – this Christmas production by Gateway Church Australia is a wonderful option to share with others. It is focused around raising funds for children overseas whilst presenting the beautiful message of Christmas. Social justice and Christmas bought together is such a palatable option to share with others. Football star, Gary Ablett Jr. makes an appearance as does singing sensation, Michael Paynter who appeared on the voice a few years back. Both of these are great ‘selling points’ so to speak to encourage friends to watch.

Q. Want to hear about Aussies sharing their faith at Christmas time?
Listen to Judd Field sharing about reaching the entertainment world.
Listen to Nartarsha Wisewould who share some great tools.

Have a blessed and safe CHRISTMAS celebrating and sharing Christ,
Tina & The EIA Team


P.S. For more ideas on sharing your faith this Christmas time, listen here.




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