A Puppet for Jesus

Tina Waldrom speaks with Matt Gorton who is A Puppet for Jesus. Matt, the co-founder of Quiz Worx, appears in this episode with Scruff the puppet. Using humour, through puppetry, has helped 750,000+ kids consider the message of Jesus. Humour is something that everyone can use to share the message of Christ. Matt shares valuable insights for all believers and brings Scruff onto the show for a chat. This is a very funny episode, with a puppet interjecting to teach some truths about humour and sharing Jesus.

Laughing is something that helps people see the funny side of things, whilst considering the truths, in a story or situation. Matt and Scruff tell some funny stories to demonstrate the power of truth through humour. The principles in this episode can be implemented into everyday conversations with people about Jesus. Quiz Worx began in 1998 as a part-time ministry and has developed into a staff of 20 plus people. Matt and his team have performed more than 6000 shows, helping kids consider Jesus.

In this episode, Matt shares his journey of becoming involved with puppetry. This was not something he was looking to be involved in. He shares is story of discovering puppets incidentally. Over his many decades of involvement, Matt has discovered what works and what does not. He has refined his skills and the use of humour to become a very effective minister of the Gospel. The Quiz Worx team is effectively sharing Jesus in Australia.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Laugh a lot and then some more.
  • Who Scruff the puppet is and why he’s so funny.
  • How humour can help people consider the truth of the Gospel.
  • Practical examples of Matt and his puppet talking in this episode.
  • Why story telling is key to connecting people with Jesus.
  • How the call of God to puppets looked for Matt Gorton.
  • Why kids and adults connect with humour so well.
  • How to refine your story telling to keep people listening.
  • Ideas to connect general conversations to the person of Jesus.
  • Information about Quiz Works and what they do.
  • Ideas to insert humour in Gospel conversations.
  • And so much more…
*Watch a very funny short video with Scruff the puppet, Matt Gorton and Tina Waldrom

* The full video episode of this interview will be on our Youtube Channel soon.



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