The Relevance of the Church in Evangelism

Tina Waldrom speaks with Major Bryce Davies about The Relevance of the Church in Evangelism. Bryce, a Salvation Army Officer with over 25 years of community experience, sees both the advantages and the disadvantages of the established church. Church as an institution, is both effective and ineffective in regard to outreach. Bryce talks honestly and openly about the place of the church, in effective evangelism. This is an encouraging viewpoint, with great insights for both churches and believers.

Bryce who hosts his own podcast, Stories of Hope, shares some wonderful examples of how secular Australia can be reached with the Gospel. With a focus on discipleship, Bryce encourages deep relationships with those in the community. Connections where the light of Christ can be seen, and the love of God experienced. He explains why ‘getting people into the building’, is often ineffective, yet acknowledges the place of the established church, in evangelism. He discusses what needs to change and how churches can be more effective in evangelism.

In this episode, Bryce talks about his experiences of journeying with people in the community. His story about Francis Connolly typifies what he has to say. He explains how community people can be discipled and the need for new ways to be considered. Bryce challenges the church to release church members to be salt and light without the traditional measures of evangelistic success. Bryce makes many insightful comments, challenging churches and believers to rethink the best ways forward to reach secular Australia with the Gospel.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How Bryce Davies sees the Gospel reaching secular Australia.
  • Why the traditional church service, is not the optimal environment for people to encounter Christ.
  • What the Stories of Hope podcast is in Australia.
  • Why the church needs to be salt and light every day.
  • How believers can easily reach their community for Christ.
  • The place of the church in evangelism.
  • Why new methods of evangelism are needed in Australia.
  • The story of Francis Connolly and the lessons learnt for evangelism.
  • How to hold the tension between the established church and new forms of church.
  • What needs to change and stay, in this new era of Evangelism.
  • And so much more…
*Watch a Short Video with Bryce Davies and Tina Waldrom




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Listen to The Stories of Hope Podcast with Bryce Davies



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