Sharing the Christian Faith in the Entertainment Industry with Judd Field

Tina Waldrom speaks with Judd Field about sharing the Christian faith in the entertainment industry. Judd is the choir director from the Melbourne Gospel Choir and a well-known Australian entertainer. He appears on Aussie TV shows, sings jingles and is often seen singing back-up vocals for Australian and international artists. Hearing how Judd’s faith intersects this world and especially at Christmas is an interesting listen.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How artists can naturally share their faith with the entertainment world.
  • What the Melbourne Gospel Choir do behind the scenes to share their faith.
  • Insights to the entertainment industry and how you could reach out.
  • How Judd Field became involved in the entertainment industry.
  • The Christian qualities needed to minister in the entertainment world.
  • Stories of hope and how the light is shining in the world of ‘celebrities’.
  • The power of singing the gospel at Christmas time at the Myer Music Bowl.
  • Behind the scenes stories shared by Judd Field.
  • A pre-sneak of carols at the ‘bowl’ for 2020.
In the podcast, Judd referred to the challenges of COVID for artists and musicians. He was involved in a few ‘iso jams’ and many other great initiatives during COVID. Catch up with all of them on his Facebook page.

You can listen to a previous podcast interview with Judd, again talking about the entertainment industry but from a different angle.

Judd also recorded a pre-podcast piece with us – watch the video here.

If you like this podcast and find it helpful, please share this link with someone today so they can discover the Win Win Evangelism Podcast:


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