Going from Prison to Proclamation with Shane Degan

Shane Degan met Jesus in a prison cell. Tina Waldrom interviews Shane to discuss his story. Shane grew up in a Christian family and was a regular church attender. His strict religious background contributed to Shane walking far away from God. Shane’s story of redemption and an ability to reach others with a Christian background is inspiring. It’s a story of Prison to Proclamation.

Today, Shane heads a ministry called, Jesus Loves Australia. He has a wonderful way of sharing the gospel with people on the streets and in his everyday world. Shane talks about the powerful difference between just saying yes to Jesus to have your sins forgiven and the wonderful everyday life of walking with a real and living God in relationship.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How God spoke to Shane in a prison cell
  • The keys to overcoming fear when sharing your faith
  • How to reach those who have a Christian background
  • The distinctions you need to make to people so they understand God
  • Practical ideas to talk with neighbours and friends about the gospel
  • Natural ways to slide Christ into a conversation
  • The importance in articulating a God who can be known and encountered
To listen to another story of someone sharing their faith, and often on the streets, listen to our story with Andrew Scarborough.

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