Reaching the Underdogs with Nicola Gibb

Nicola Gibb is from the school of hard knocks. Her background and experiences have made her effective at reaching the underdogs. Based at a church in Sydney Australia, she talks openly about her personal journey. Nicola shares the wisdom and insights learnt over many decades to be effective at reaching those often referred to as the underdogs.

As a child, Nicola experienced her own challenges. She was raised in a family that had its own set of unique trials. Nicola gave herself to sport to cope with the pain of life, this also resulted in challenges and unmet dreams. It was a friend with faith in Christ that ultimately led Nicola to meet Jesus in New York.

After her conversion, Nicola experienced some extraordinary encounters with God and was highly involved in the work of ministry. This was shortly lived. Further tragedy found Nicola and her journey of pain continued until again Christ became her answer again.

Reaching the underdogs now became the focus of Nicola’s life. The Lord opened the doors for her to start to share her story in ways that could help others. In a creative way, she painted her way out of pain and today is a vital part of the c3 cares ministry team at C3 Oxford Falls in Sydney, Australia. She is a recognised and passionate evangelist leading people onto the streets to share food, friendship and the gospel.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Ideas to disciple those from the school of hard knocks.
  • The power of leading people to Christ even if they never come to church.
  • How to have conversations with those that are doing it tough.
  • The importance of taking the church to the streets.
  • Ways to share the gospel that are effective with those in great need.
  • Invaluable insights from stories of hope and transformation.
Nicola has her own website and can be found on Facebook and Instagram. She also created a 4-part evangelism training series that you can watch for FREE.

Listen further on how to impact your community, here’s a story from Kangaroo Island in Sth Australia.

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