The Future Church

The future church is a church that looks quite different to the one today. There is so much written, tweeted, blogged and podcasted in this space right now. I was fortunate enough in mid-2020 to gain access to an online seminar during COVID with Mal Fletcher from 2030Plus in the UK. His thoughts combined with what Jesus was showing me struck a cord. At EIA, we have now implemented some action from that.

Mal is an Aussie Christian, living in London, often consulted by the BBC. He leads an organisation called 2030Plus. Mal specialises in the future.
In the seminar online, Mal was talking about the church, COVID and what he sees as the major shifts for the future church. One big idea coming out of that was the need for churches to upskill people so everyday believers could help everyday non-believers more effectively with TRICKY situations.

These tricky situations are those areas that are now becoming common place in society – how to help a non-believer with mental health challenges, what about anxiety, depression? How do you help a child with autism and so the list goes on. The point is that everyday believers can be salt and light with a few more basic skills. These skills can genuinely help the everyday believer love and support the world around them. Bringing hope and healing is something all believers can do in many ways, on many levels.

So.. our BIG NEWS.

Recently, I met with a good friend and colleague, Natasha Rae, a positive psychological practitioner from The Morph Clinic. I asked Natasha if we could start to give everyday believers some basic tips in these areas so they could be salt & light in greater ways. She said, YES!

We recorded the first podcast episode around mental health and it is going like wildfire.

These ‘Everyday Psychology & Evangelism’ episodes will now appear every  4-6 weeks on the regular podcast.


You can watch a short video interview with Natasha or listen to the full podcast episode HERE



We pray that this information on mental health and the episodes to follow will be a great blessing to you.
We pray that churches will find this a great resource for their members as they reach out to a world that does not know Christ yet.

For the expansion of His kingdom,

Tina & The Team @ EIA


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