Trafficking & Interior Styling – We Never Saw This Coming

Tina Waldrom speaks with Rachel Dunwell. This is the episode that we NEVER saw coming. Rachel works for Destiny Rescue who rescue girls from the horrible world of human trafficking. Tina had no idea where this episode would lead, it’s a remarkable story to listen to. Trafficking & Interior Styling – We never saw this coming.

The original intention of this podcast was to shine a light on the wonderful work that Destiny Rescue are doing in saving young girls from the tragic and inhumane world they are caught in. Our idea at EIA was to give our listeners an opportunity to hear what is going on in this space and to give some options for people if they wanted to engage somehow.

*Honestly, we had no idea that in the editing phase, that it would become so much more.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Why Rachel, a mother herself is passionately helping rescue children.
  • How you can be involved at a tiny level and make a big impact.
  • Why girls get trafficked and what can be done.
  • The various valid reasons why people don’t get involved.
  • Ideas on how to be involved rescuing girls yourself.
  • The power of being involved in social justice issues.
  • How Tina was able to move from standing on the side lines to playing on the field.
  • A unique opportunity to come to an online Christmas ‘styling’ event.
At the end of this episode you will hear how EIA are putting on a fantastic online Christmas styling event with Musical Design Interiors in Melbourne. Trafficking & Interior Styling – We Never Saw This Coming.

At this online event, Melany Field from Musical Design will walk people through how to create the perfect Christmas Tree, Christmas Dining Table and Christmas Console for this upcoming season. It will be a fun online night out!

The event will be open to those who give either $50 or $100 to Destiny Rescue.
It takes $10,000 to fund a RAID in an undisclosed project nation with DR. Many girls are rescued at once, they are cared for and given the education they need to step into a new life of freedom. The brothel is closed down and people are prosecuted for the wrong doings toward these innocent girls.

$10,000 is achievable. It is simply 100 people giving $100 or 200 people giving $50 or a mix of both.

***If you would like to help us raise $10,000 to fund a RAID and rescue many girls, you need to:

Text the word RAID to 04800 145 35

Destiny Rescue will receive your text and you will receive a text back instructing you how to give. This is a secured line of giving in which you can have great confidence. For those wanting to give via email, you can email and Rachel will give you instructions to give.

Within 24 hours of your donation being transacted you will receive an email from Evangelism In Australia with a link to the ‘Christmas Styling Online Events’. Choose the time slot that best works for you. The dates are Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd October, 7pm. If you cannot attend on one of these nights, why not give and send someone along in your place. They will love this online event and you would have helped fund the RAID.

EIA will be updating the progress of the giving via email and social media. The results of the RAID will also be publicized after the RAID takes place.

Please subscribe to the mailing list.

Thank-you in advance for the many girls that will be rescued by this $10,000 RAID.


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