Gathering For Freedom with Destiny Rescue

In this special edition episode, Gathering for Freedom, Tina Waldrom is delighted to release an interview that she heard recently between Paul Merger and Tony Kirwan. Tony is the Founder and International CEO of Destiny Rescue. Thanks to Destiny Rescue Australia for allowing EIA to release this. We believe in the hope and restoration that Christ brings. It is a delight to be involved with the work that Destiny Rescue do to bring freedom to children who are caught in the evil of sex trafficking.

In this episode, you will hear an extraordinary interview between Paul Merger and Tony Kirwan. This was an interview during a webinar in June 2021. It gives a raw and honest account of what is happening, particularly in South Asia with regard to trafficking. Tony, at the time was in South Asia and gives an up to date account of the situation. His friendly and candid conversation, leaves you feeling encouraged and challenged to do more.

On July 15th 2021, Evangelism In Australia will hold an online interior decorating event to raise funds for Destiny Rescue to fund a number of raids to release children from trafficking. This event is called, Gathering for Freedom. It takes around $10,000 AUD to fund one raid. EIA are attempting to fund multiple raids this year. In 2020, we funded one raid.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How the Coronavirus pandemic has exasperated the evils of sex trafficking.
  • The new approaches that Destiny Rescue have taken during the pandemic.
  • How food drops and border controls help children from being trafficked.
  • Thoughts on how to be involved in bringing freedom to children.
  • Why children are more at risk to trafficking during this time.
  • The role that desperation plays for families in trafficking.
  • Real life stories of what’s happening currently in South Asia.
  • Practical tips to get involved to be part of the solution.
  • And so much more…
Short Video Interview with Tony Kirwan – Enjoy


Gathering For Freedom Event

You can book tickets to the July 15th, 2021 online interior decorating event HERE.

You can read and listen to the whole story of how Evangelism In Australia became involved with Destiny Rescue.

Watch the promotional video below.

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