Gathering for Freedom – Yes We Did

In 2020, COVID hit the world and what was a disaster, was also an opportunity.  During the pandemic in 2020, all things ONLINE became possible.  We raised $10,000 via an online event to release children from sex trafficking. Gathering for freedom – yes we did. AND, we are doing it again in 2021 on Thursday September 16th.

At EIA, we decided to put on an online Christmas styling event.  We were gathering for freedom…that’s what we call it now in hindsight. These are the slogan words that Destiny Rescue have developed in 2021, for some of their fundraisers. We raised $10,000 last year, this funded an entire RAID. Children were rescued from slavery and this year, we are going to do it again.

Tell me more. What happened in 2020?

To be brutally honest, EIA was looking to throw a spotlight on what Destiny Rescue did as an organisation in Australia. We had no plans to do anything beyond that at that stage. Letting people know about Destiny Rescue to our community was the goal. Tina Waldrom did an initial podcast episode with Rachel Dunwell who works for Destiny Rescue. You can listen that that below.

Trafficking & Interior Styling – We Never Saw This Coming


That initial podcast episode led to a place that no-one saw coming. After and during the interview with Rachel, Tina felt like more could be done. Maybe some money could be raised, a significant amount, to help children caught in trafficking. Here is the emotional video piece that really began to stir Tina’s heart toward the cause.


So, a stirring was felt and an idea was birthed.

To cut a long story short, we wondered if we could offer people an online styling event where they could learn about Christmas decorating and styling. We engaged an outstanding interior decorator, Mel Field and production team to film and show the audience just how easy it could be to style effectively at Christmas time. And, yes people had to make a donation to attend the event.

Have a listen to the interview with the interior decorator and how the event in 2020 came together and was run.

On the night, people turned up online via zoom and watched the professional filming that was put together. They also had a chance to ask our interior decorator many questions. People learnt how to decorate and style Christmas trees, buffets and tables. $10,000 was raised for Destiny Rescue.

The money raised funded an entire RAID where children were rescued from sex trafficking. It was an incredible outcome. The life changing outcomes for children was worth every bit of the hard work to pull it off. It was so successful; WE ARE DOING it again!

This year we are partnering with Destiny Rescue to bring you another online styling event called, “Gathering for Freedom”.


***Save the Date – Thursday September 16th, 2021, 7.30pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time – WATCH video


Like last year, we will have Mel Field from Musical Design and our production team, hard at work to show you how to style a coffee table, a sofa and bookshelves. It’s going to be amazing. We are going to gather online and raise money to bring FREEDOM to children that are caught in the ugly and evil world of trafficking.

***The goal this year is to fund multiple RAIDS. The goal is to raise multiple lots of $10,000. The online styling event will be incredible.


We were fortunate enough to interview an undercover agent to hear what goes on during a raid – take a listen below.

Undercover In Human Trafficking

We would love to see you at the event this year. Thursday September 16th, 2021, 7.30pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

Let’s Gather for Freedom.

In Jesus Name,

Tina Waldrom & The Team @EIA 


P.S. We also did a 2nd podcast interview with Rachel that was a complete eye opener also – Listen HERE.

PPS. EIA recently released a podcast interview with Tony Kirwan, the founder of Destiny Rescue. You can listen to that HERE.



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