Reaching Bikers – The Environment Matters with Matt Nichols

Tina Waldrom speaks with Matt Nichols, the pastor of a Bikers Church. When it comes to Reaching Bikers – Environment Matters. Matt is heading up Longriders Christian Motorcycle Club NSW. This pastor / evangelist is a true blue Aussie, who knows how to speak the language and create the environment needed, to reach his people group for Jesus.

Matt has been a passionate motorcycle rider for a long time. Connecting his faith to a world that he loves so much, is a natural connection. His insights as an evangelist on how to reach people for Christ are extraordinary. The real-life stories he shares, illustrate the powerful insights and wisdom he offers in this interview. Matt may be a biker, but the principles he shares, are applicable for everyday believers wanting to share their faith.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Why creating the right environment for people to discover faith matters?
  • Stories of bikers coming to faith that make you laugh & cry.
  • The remarkable story of communion and tattoos leading people to Christ.
  • How knowing your tribe, is the key to effective outreach.
  • The need for the church to leave the building and enter the community.
  • How to disciple people who may never enter a church building.
  • The necessity of believers being ‘themselves’ in outreach.
  • WATCH a quick video with Matt Nichols
  • And so much more…
WATCH the Short Video with Matt Nichols

*Online Evangelism Course

To upskill in the area of having faith conversations with people in everyday spaces, check out the online course, On Mission with God @Home – How to Share your Faith Naturally in Conversations.


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