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Focus on Jesus not Christianity or the Church. My name is Darryn Kenealy. I’m passionate about people finding out about the meaning, purpose and significance of a friendship with Jesus. As a teenager, Jesus changed my life is extraordinary ways. My story is all about Jesus and as I reflect, I’m often reminded to keep the focus on Him and not Christianity or the Church. Let me explain.

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I was homeless by choice and really struggling with the life choices that I’d made. When I became a follower of Jesus at eighteen, He radically influenced a 180-degree turnaround in my life. I stopped taking drugs, stopped all criminal activity and became a recluse to get well. I’m conscious today that the good news is specifically about the person of Jesus.  

More of my story. Most of the secular world, views Jesus as a good person but not risen from the dead. My personal experience however, was with the living Jesus.  I took the Bible’s claims on face value, in that I believed that Jesus not only lived but died for my wrong doings on a cross.

I also believed, He overcame death and rose again.  I believed that He was and is the living God.  If that weren’t true, a dead God couldn’t have transformed my life so significantly. My conscience was changed, my internal spirit revived and psychologically, I felt deep healing. For me, it was a miracle.

That miracle sent me on a specific life journey. A path of desiring to support people so that their past, would not define their future. I felt like God challenged me to live a certain way. To be a person of kindness, conviction, gentleness and care.


After  my encounter with Jesus, I started attending church. For me the church community became the place that I could grow as a person, find encouragement, learn about Jesus and receive support. I also found it a place where I could join with like-minded people to support others.

However, when I say church, it elicits interesting and varying responses. This is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about keeping the focus on Jesus and not on christianity or the church.

Research has found that the biggest issues affecting people’s view of the church and Christianity, were their experiences. Experiences of child abuse, hypocrisy, suffering and attitudes towards same sex attraction.  These are all true, and at times they sadly reflect people behaving very badly. There are no excuses and I do not condone such behaviours.

However, let me say, there are far more good and positive contributions that the church does in society . Things that make a significant difference in people’s lives. Many people do attend church and find encouragement and the support they need. However, let’s focus on Jesus.


Interestingly, Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian faith, is still a highly regarded historical figure (McCrindle Research). This perception of Jesus runs at odds with how the church and Christians are perceived.

Jesus is still admired as one of the most significant historical figures who ever existed.  When I look at the life and teachings of Jesus, I want to emulate Him. I want to be more like Him and represent Him to our world.

Jesus’ love for me, compels me to be a loving and better person in the world.  I believe God created life and that life is precious and sacred. When I see pain and suffering, or aspirations and passion to do good, I wonder how I can help. I often ask myself how I can make a difference? How can I assist in improving people’s lives?

I try not to have a manipulative agenda or be a God botherer, but hopefully reflect the person of Jesus who showed compassion, kindness and acceptance to those he met. Interestingly, He didn’t tolerate religious or judgmental people either.

I hope and pray that in my interactions with people, as a follower of Jesus, they leave my company encouraged, supported, and inspired to explore the claims of Jesus. And also to live better, fulfilled and successful lives for now and into eternity. For me, it will always be about Christ. Focus on Jesus not Christianity or the Church. 


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    Thank you for that information.I am an inactive LDS person.I have had many challenges in my years in the church.However I must give gratitude for the growth I received as an active person. I as able to discover talents that the Lord had blessed me with, and able to share them with others.
    I did however find myself at odds with the ,Priesthood leaders,.. My late husband held that priesthood,but was still a man with failings.I now look to Jesus Christ as my example of how to live, but I am not perfect.
    Your letter gVe me hope that looking to Christ is the way to go. So Thank you.


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