Identifying Open Doors for Jesus

Tina Waldrom speaks with Rob Bonanno about identifying open doors for Jesus in personal evangelism. Robbie’s background was drugs, and through that lifestyle he met Christ. From the beginning, Rob has been passionate about people coming to Christ and has learnt what’s effective and what’s not. Leading his own church, Pursuit Church, he has been involved in many forms of evangelism but is a big advocate for personal evangelism and identifying open doors for Jesus.

In this episode, Rob shares three engaging stories from his own personal life. In each story, Rob talks about the concept of Open Doors for Jesus and how this looks. In Robs early years, he spent many times on the streets of Melbourne, sharing his faith. Those formative years have given him an acute understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in evangelism. He has grasped many conversational and relational skills that are an integral part of personal evangelism.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Rob Bonnano’s journey to faith and how it influences his outreach today.
  • Three stories that illustrate open doors and how to identify them.
  • The specific skills needed to identify open doors.
  • How unexpected circumstances lead to open doors to share Jesus.
  • The ways in which you can connect with people of other faiths.
  • Why focus becomes so important for Christians in evangelism.
  • What the bible says about looking to the harvest for open doors.
  • How to respond to open doors and the faith needed.
  • Practical steps to grow in confidence to share your faith.
  • And so much more…

WATCH short video with Tina and Rob here:



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