Top 5 Episodes 2020 #1 Reaching The De-Churched

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This summer in Australia, we are showcasing the top 5 episodes listened to in 2020. This is #1.

Tina Waldrom speaks with Positive Psychological Practitioner Natasha Rae from The Morph Clinic in Geelong, Victoria.

Thousands of people in Australia are De-Churched, Natasha was one of these. How do we reach this demographic? Many of the De-Churched were highly involved in local congregations and through some type of crisis the situation changed.

Natasha Rae is the founder of the Morph Clinic in Geelong, Victoria. She has almost three decades of experience working with people. Natasha worked in church circles for a long time before a crisis led her in a new direction. Today she works as a Positive Psychological Practitioner with schools and heads her own clinic.

In this episode Natasha talks candidly about her personal journey to becoming De-churched and explains through her professional lens what may be helpful in reaching out to those who have walked away from Church.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Mistakes that are often made in reaching out to the De-Churched
  • The approaches a friend can take with De-Churched people
  • How to respond as a church to those that are De-Churched
  • The power of Post Traumatic Growth
  • Practical ideas to reach De-Churched leaders
  • An understanding of pain from a therapist’s point of view.

The blog post by Natasha for Evangelism In Australia, A Crisis for Churches & Evangelism is a powerful read.

Listen to the 2nd episode about the De-Churched Here.
EIA also conducted a 3rd Episode with Natasha.

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