Mid-Year Highlights #2 An Unexpected Salvo in Tasmania

It’s half year 2022, and the topic of The Salvation Army and Kim Haworth has been the second most popular episode.  Maybe because Kim, an everyday mum, never expected to meet Jesus, let alone become a Divisional Commander. The popularity may be due to her speaking about unexpected promptings from God and how to respond. Maybe, it’s because her new initiatives for outreach and mission resonate with so many. Or simply because she’s a woman!  Tina Waldrom said jokingly, and in appreciation for all females, “women are always better to listen to”. Enjoy this episode, Mid-Year Highlights #2 An Unexpected Salvo in Tasmania

In this second most popular Mid-Year episode, Tina Waldrom talks with Kim Haworth who is an Unexpected Salvo in Tasmania. Kim is living the most unexpected life as a Divisional Commander, a State Leader with the Salvation Army. She never thought God was knowable. She never thought she would end up, as a captain in the Salvation Army. She is encouraging new initiatives to reach people for Christ. Alongside existing models of outreach, new organic faith expressions are springing up. The OFE network is a part of Kim’s focus to see revival in Tasmania.

After Kim’s initial encounter with Christ, she sensed a call from God to be involved in church work. It took some time for the Lord to convince her. It took some time for Kim to give her all to this. Her story is down to earth and very warm. It shows the extraordinary things the Lord can do, through someone who says ‘yes’ to the His promptings. It demonstrates the power of a surrendered life in the hands of a God who is on mission to reach the world.

In this episode, Kim talks about the challenges of handling the unexpected promptings of the Lord. From her experience, she concluded that it’s better to give up and just say yes to Jesus. The joy of following Him on the unexpected journey of faith and outreach, far outweighs the challenges. Kim gives some wonderful spiritual advise and talks about the importance of new methods of outreach in Australia.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Kim’s story of nominal Christianity to a relationship with Christ.
  • How a wife and mother end up as a State Leader with the Salvation Army.
  • How to respond to God’s challenging promptings.
  • Why fighting God is not the best way to go.
  • How an invitation to church changed Kim’s life.
  • Why new methods of evangelism are needed in Australia.
  • The new OFE Network that is reaching people for Christ.
  • How new methods can sit alongside existing methods of outreach.
  • Where the OFE network sits among the ministries of the Salvation Army in Tasmania.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Kim and Tina Waldrom



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