Cultural Insights for Evangelism

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Tina Waldrom speaks with Brooke Filipovski regarding Cultural Insights for Evangelism. Brooke, born in the United States, has lived and worked in many countries, including Australia. Her time spent Down Under, gave her clear insights into the culture, most importantly, the things to consider in regard to evangelism. Brooke worked and lived among Aussies, through the ministry of Young Life. Her comments in this interview are refreshingly honest and challenging.

Brooke currently lives in Macedonia and is continuing her work with Young Life. Having lived in many nations, she is committed to understanding the cultural differences of nations and bringing the gospel in each context. Australia, was not what she expected. In many ways, the culture was extremely different to the United States and at odds to the Kingdom of God. She points out the peculiarities of Australia and what needs to be considered for the gospel to be proclaimed effectively.

In this episode, be prepared to be challenged. Brooke, not being an Australian, yet married to one, was asked to share her thoughts candidly. She has a great love for Australia and has a view of the culture that can only be observed from her unique position. The ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude and ‘the tall poppy syndrome’ are a few of the highlights in this episode.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The dominating values in Australian culture.
  • The lack of community and how to rebuild that for evangelistic purpose.
  • How ‘Park Runs’ and sports can benefit the gospel.
  • Why creating Holy Places of Worship, outside the church could be beneficial.
  • What the gospel says about the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ in Australia.
  • The place of sarcasm in Australia and how to counteract it.
  • How to share Jesus in ways that Aussies relate.
  • The power of ‘encouragement’ in evangelism.
  • How to reach people when their God is recreation?
  • Why a culture of holidays and entitlement can be detrimental to sharing faith.
  • And so much more…
WATCH a short video with Tina Waldrom & Brooke Filipovski



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