Faith Runs Deep and How to Share That with Karl Faase

Tina Waldrom speaks with Karl Faase about Faith Runs Deep and How to Share That.  Karl and his team from Olive Tree Media travelled Australia to unearth the stories of faith from history and today. Men and women who have been influenced by the Gospel and have gone on to influence Australia. These stories are great conversation starters that can be used when talking to friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Did you know that the Aussie Ute was originally designed for church purposes? Listen to some of the stories from Faith Runs Deep and start using them to help others connect to Christianity.

The stories of faith in Australia need to be told. Karl reminds people that a ‘fortress of memories’ needs to be built. God has done remarkable things in Australia; the stories need to be exposed and told. Using these stories in conversations with others is one way to spark conversations and share the Christian faith. Stories of people from many walks of life, who thanks to the Gospel, have a national impact in sports, politics and the overall culture of a nation.

In this episode, Karl starts by talking about the iconic car, the Aussie Ute and how it was originally built for church purposes. This story and many others were uncovered as Karl and his team researched and then travelled to interview key people in Australia. Karl shares a few of the stories in this podcast episode, giving people insightful information and inspiration to tell the faith stories. Karl also shares some behind the scenes information, very funny at times, about how he stumbled across and then recorded the stories. A must listen for believers everywhere who are looking for valuable content to help connect others to Jesus.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The Christian story about the production of the Aussie Ute.
  • How faith stories from Australia can help people discover faith.
  • Examples from history and now of God at work in Australia.
  • How Faith Runs Deep in Australia and how to share that.
  • What the Faith Runs Deep resource is.
  • Examples of politics on all sides being influenced by the Gospel.
  • How God has been at work among indigenous Australia.
  • Sport (the other religion) and people coming to faith.
  • Karl’s genuine passion and heart to connect people to faith.
  • How driving the Ute across Australia helped the Gospel cause.
  • Thoughts on why the preserving of faith stories is important.
  • How Aussie stories of faith were uncovered and what to read.
  • And so much more…
*Watch a funny VIDEO interview with Karl Faase and Tina Waldrom




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