Top 5 Episodes 2022 #3 Evangelism, The Media & Woke Culture

This summer in Australia, we are showcasing the top 5 episodes listened to in 2022. This is #3.
Tina Waldrom speaks with journalist James Macpherson about Evangelism, The Media & Woke Culture. Understanding the times and how to engage with current culture, is what James does best. The western world is becoming increasingly complex and intolerant. Intolerant of many, including those of the Christian faith. Tina and James discuss some of the prevailing cultural narratives and the implications to sharing the gospel.

James, a Christian himself, writes for Rebel News, Sky News, and The Spectator Australia. The James Macpherson Report engages with faith, politics, and culture. It is an informative and often provocative daily read. As a journalist, James is immersed in the conversations of the day. He hears and sees the issues that society face and has the privilege to respond through the media. As a Christian, he can see the prevailing narrative and has some clear thoughts on how to share Jesus at this time.

In this episode, James talks about his role as a journalist and his love for people. He explains the underlying concepts embraced in society and the implications of these. He talks about the recent AFL incident with church going, CEO Andrew Thorburn. James explains how the media viewed this incident and why it was so peculiar. If Christians are going to be effective at sharing the gospel, then knowing and understanding the times, is crucial. James shares some key thoughts about culture, the lessons he’s learnt, and how to be an effective Christian witness.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • An overview of the current Australian culture.
  • What woke culture is and how to engage.
  • How to be both intolerant and tolerant.
  • A mini case study of church going, CEO Andrew Thorburn
  • What to consider when sharing Jesus today in society?
  • Why an intolerant stance has been embraced and how to respond.
  • How to have a Christian voice in a world that may have gone mad?
  • James Macpherson approach to sharing faith in Woketopia.
  • Stories of hope as people search for truth in woke culture.
  • The importance of listening to others to understand.
  • The place of being dogmatic in an intolerant world.
  • And so much more…
Watch a short video on handling intolerance with James Macpherson



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