Easy Evangelism with Tina Waldrom

In this episode, Easy Evangelism with Tina Waldrom, Tina teaches on evangelism and how it can be easy. Over many years of both engaging in the work of outreach and studying the ministry of evangelism, Tina has discovered some keys that make evangelism easier. In this episode, Tina presents different perspectives on evangelism and how they make the work easier or harder. Bible passages are discussed, and practical examples given. This is solid biblical teaching with everyday examples.

Many people go about the work of evangelism with a mindset that ultimately makes the work harder. Their perspective is incorrect. People exploring and coming to faith is the work of the Holy Spirit. It is only God who can turn the hearts of people. It is only Him who soften hearts and open doors for His word to enter. Yet often when evangelism is discussed, it reveals an underlying belief that God is not ultimately the one doing the work. That ultimately, God is not the one who is responsible to do the softening, the door opening and the saving. It’s often a subtle difference but one that makes all the difference.

In this episode, Tina teaches about varying perspectives and asks the listener to locate themselves within a perspective. She talks about the concept of sentness and joining God in His work. Tina looks to the Bible to see what it says and how it shows a way, where evangelism is easy. The underlying thoughts that Tina encourages people to adopt, facilitate Easy Evangelism. This is an insightful and helpful episode for anyone who is wanting to engage in evangelism with greater ease.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How evangelism can be easy.
  • The correct mindset to facilitate easy evangelism.
  • How your perspective influences your outreach.
  • Ways to do evangelism without pushing.
  • Why evangelism is often difficult.
  • How to let go and let God lead in evangelism.
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in evangelism.
  • Examples of Easy Evangelism.
  • What to let go of to make evangelism easy.
  • Resources that present a way of evangelism that is easier.
  • And so much more…
Evangelism Coaching with Tina Waldrom.


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Evangelism Coaching
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