Evangelism Planning with Tina Waldrom

In this timely episode, Evangelism Planning with Tina Waldrom, Tina talks about the need and the ways to plan for effective evangelism. Planning does not need to be complex, but planning is essential. People achieve more when they make some sort of plan. Tina shares the skills needed to put together an effective evangelism plan. It’s sometimes said, that having no plan is a plan to fail, there is some truth in this. In this episode, Tina talks refreshingly about the power of evangelism planning and presents a way forward that is achievable for everyone.

Many people have an idea or desire to outwork the Great Commission. Christians, in general want to ‘go and make disciples.’ Often the issue is not the desire or the motivation but the lack of a straightforward plan. This plan could be formal or more organic, either way, it’s been given thought. Tina shares some key ideas to help believers craft an evangelism proposal that is simple yet effective. She presents a step-by-step way for evangelism planning. This type of planning will be advantageous for individuals, groups, or church leaders.

In this episode, Tina talks about the need to plan for evangelism and why it’s important. She talks about the necessity to understand a specific direction to head in outreach. The field of evangelism is large, narrowing it down helps for better planning. Tina encourages people to reflect on their own evangelism journey and to understand what the Holy Spirit is revealing through that. Walking through a step-by-step process for evangelism planning is one way to engage with the Great Commission. This is an insightful and helpful episode for anyone who is wondering how to achieve their desires in outreach.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The steps to creating a good evangelism plan.
  • Why Evangelism Planning is Important.
  • Reflective practices that help you plan well.
  • How to plan for evangelism in your context.
  • Ways to recognise if your planning is effective.
  • Why planning for evangelism sometimes fails.
  • How to create a simple but effective outreach plan.
  • The place of coaching in evangelism planning.
  • The questions to ask when planning for evangelism.
  • Which elements are needed to plan well for outreach.
  • Resources that can help in evangelism planning.
  • And so much more…
Evangelism Coaching with Tina Waldrom.


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