Lausanne and the Future of Evangelism

Tina Waldrom speaks with Julie-anne Laird about Lausanne and the Future of Evangelism. Julie-anne is the chair of Lausanne Australia and the co-leader of Lausanne Oceania. The unique calling of the Lausanne Movement is to connect influencers and ideas for global mission. Julie-anne discusses what’s going on with the Lausanne Movement and the potential for evangelism in Australia.


Billy Graham was instrumental in the formation of the Lausanne Movement. He recognised the disconnect that many leaders had from one another, and felt propelled to gather leaders together. In 1974, just under 2500 participants from 150 nations gathered for the First International Congress on World Evangelization, in Lausanne, Switzerland. There have been a number of gatherings since that time. A nationwide event in Australia is planned for 2023 and another global event for 2024.

In this episode, Julie-anne shares her firsthand experience of being involved with Lausanne. She highlights the strengths of the movement and the potential to accelerate mission. Nations can be reached, when leaders gather together to pray, think, share and resource one another.  Julie-anne has an unwavering faith in the potential of Christian leaders, uniting for the sake of mission.  She encourages leaders to gather and explore, how together, a nation can be reached with the Gospel.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What the Lausanne Movement is.
  • Billy Graham’s connection to the Lausanne Movement.
  • What a Lausanne Australia event may look like in 2023.
  • How gathering key leaders can help influence a nation for Christ.
  • The heart and spirit of the Lausanne Movement.
  • Plans for a 2024 Global gathering around evangelism and mission.
  • What stops leaders from uniting to pray around evangelism?
  • Information about the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization
  • Ideas to reach secular Australia given recent census data.
  • And so much more…
*Watch a Short Video with Julie-anne Laird and Tina Waldrom



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